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"Clarified what could raise some impasse, but, to return: "dark times" would come if the achievement of the "coup d'état" was carried out..."

When I was an early child, there was a commercial that was shown on television, the meaning of which was that for those who used a certain product, a "special place" was always reserved! Where the character, who was a young lady, spoke the attentive viewers and said the following words: "THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR ONE MORE WHEN YOU IF USE ..."

Of "dark times" Brazil escaped... And there is no need to dwell on an "alleged" racism of such a phrase, because this interlocutor has this freedom, since he is also of the race...

Clarified what could raise some impasse, but, to return: "dark times" would come if the achievement of the "coup d'état" was carried out...

These Bolsonarist fanatics who systematically attack me when I write something, about their attitudes and those of their commanders, do not have a very clear idea (or pretend not to) of what the return of the Military Regime to the country would be. People would disappear, people would be deported, murdered, children would lose their mothers and fathers and those in need of parents, many would be in the hot seat, without having a home, to return, the number of children abandoned on the streets of São Paulo would end up increasing significantly!

I'm going to tell you a story of real events that I saw with my own eyes and accompanied by a colleague, who was part of one of these Security Forces we visited, a certain place.

This, not to mention the "witch hunt" that would take place against any and all opponents of the regime, regardless of their function, thus: journalists, teachers, doctors, priests, pastors (pastors, not so much), sympathizers, people of the people, workers, bank employees, housewives, TV presenters, radio hosts, etc., writers, poets, etc., would never again have access to TRUE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!

Stupid Bolsonarista, you are nothing more than a kind of "pirate parrot ", a disposable and meaningless piece, if the military leadership was comes in and takes command of the nation! Clueless, as mentioned in some of my chronicles, yes, in fact, as the "cattle", which are directed to the slaughterhouse, you, would have the same fate, the same secondary function would fall to you...

I'm going to tell you a story of real events that I saw with my own eyes and accompanied by a colleague, who was part of one of these Security Forces we visited, a certain place.

Around 1991, I had the opportunity, along with this colleague, to walk around the premises of a building in the center of the city of São Paulo, which had been one of the headquarters of the dreaded DOI-CODI (2). And incredible as it may seem, still on the floor, there were, whole pages, parts of Reports (AUTOSCOPIC)(3) of people, who had been killed and yes, by those lost documents, they would never be found and if they were, the "CAUSE MORTIS", would never be determined... defined, diagnosed, revealed!

These ladies and gentlemen who "run the streets", asking for the closure, including of the Supreme Court, have no idea what they were and are still talking about. The STF, coordinated and composed of human beings, like any other official and unofficial institution, has flaws, but, from there to calling for its extinction, it is yes, to ask for the end of CIVILIZATION, return to barbarism, destruction, practically, of the right to come and go, guaranteed, it is true, by a FEDERAL CONSTITUTION, not yet so perfect, but it is what we have for today and should last for many, many decades. because, it is a maintainer, together with the STF, of the pillars of DEMOCRACY, of this country, called BRAZIL!

However, unfortunately and I do not even rejoice in this, those who have attacked the DEMOCRATIC RULE OF LAW, as well as the head of all of them, Mr. JAIR MESSIAS BOLSONARO, who reside in the Federal District, will have to get used to this name "PAPUDA", Maximum Security Penitentiary Complex, because it will be their new mailing address for many years. And if there is any advantage for the rebels and those who are unsubmissive to the situation, it is that they will lose the obligation to VOTE IN THE NEXT ELECTION... (4) "Look at the luxury... look what a great option, ISN'T?!"


PAPUDA - The Papuda Penitentiary Complex is a maximum security region where 4 prisons were built (CDP, CIR, PDF I and PDF II), located in the administrative region of Jardim Botânico, in the Federal District, on the banks of the highway that connects the federal capital, Brasília, to the municipality of Unaí, in Minas Gerais. DOI-CODI - Department of Information Operations - Internal Defense Operations Center was a subordinate body of the Brazilian Army, intelligence and repression of the Brazilian government during the dictatorship that followed the military coup of 1964. AUTOPSY REPORT: Examination report to determine the cause of death, when it is violent or there is suspicion of violent death. After the examination, the death certificate is provided and the body is released for preparation by the funeral service. In Brazil, it is mandatory to vote in elections.

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