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" Of course, the American people, in particular, won't notice much this difference. "

Mexico is not Brazil...

Of course, the American people, in particular, won't notice much this difference. Or will they make a point of considering the Latin people, as a single unit around the world, who from time to time, for professional, private, personal reasons, etc., perhaps inadvertently, at other times, consciously and legally, go to the United States...

Except for the difference in languages that differentiates us, especially (Mexicans from Brazilians), what unites us and makes us sympathizers in general, perhaps, is poverty and some similarity with crime! That is why we are a particularly friendly and hospitable people and this can very well be noticed and perceived when the Brazilian team was in Mexico in 1970 and won the World Cup. It was a lot of reciprocal receptivity and affection! (Fans, players and Mexican population, in general).

When I refer to crime, I'm certainly talking about a small portion of Mexican society that lives off it (crime) and the other large majority, they are orderly, decent, hardworking, dedicated people, etc., just like in Brazil. It's just that politicians there (in Mexico) are much more involved with "low crime" than in Brazil. Here, in Brazil, the dishonest politicians have managed to place themselves at a very high level, which gives them the condition to live practically like sultans, true "sheiks", without having to if "mix" body and soul with the lowest part of crime, even if, already called, "organized!"

Mexico has been so deeply taken by organized crime, precisely because of the misconduct of its permissive, dishonest, profiteering, greedy politicians who are indifferent to social and educational problems, etc., Population who suffer and are population in need. In Brazil, politicians in many aspects are similar, but, perhaps because it is a country a little younger than Mexico, does not have so much tradition in its culture, only recently, criminality has assumed, if it can be called, "a prominent". There has not yet been time for its "roots" to go completely deeper! In fact, two major criminals, (of that portion considered truly criminal at the lowest level), are currently in prison! Commanding "their prison men," but imprisoned!

Now, in general terms, observing only the behavior of the Mexican, as well as the behavior of the Brazilian people (Brazilians from Brazil and not from nearby countries, Venezuela, Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile, etc.,), one can perceive similarity with regard to receptivity, religiosity, acceptance of other peoples and respect for the norms without much revolt and many questions!

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