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BACK TO WAR... (1)

" Who was it that said that people limit themselves to living their own lives, without interfering in the lives of others?!"

What is more stupid, more promiscuous,(2) more devastating, more death-provoking and irrational among peoples, overwhelming, destroyer of ideas and ideals, more selfish than war?!

At the time when ancient civilizations sought to expand their territories and their domains, at that time when a horse would be equivalent to what it is today, a Ferrari, a Lotus, a McClaren, etc., when the means of communication were completely precarious, when peoples were mysteries to other peoples, an unknown, etc., when they did not know what each other's customs were like and things like that, If there were not many more occupations, then war, that is, "violently" enforcing the will of the one who finds his way of life and concepts correct, to others, who usually have NOTHING to do with the same ideas and points of view, was what predominated!

Consequently, violent deaths, mass destruction, all kinds of crimes, are then committed, in the name of peace, through the perpetuation of brutality and irrationality, for the violent death of children, women and the elderly abruptly, whatever excuse is used to defend such practices, the bloodshed and devastation of a village, a village, of a city or a country, it has no practical and true meaning in the eyes of those who think and know a little about empathy!

"Great achievements have been made through fighting and war..." will say a large majority... And that, in part, is true! they have been doing this... This is because, the "big" brains behind the great skirmishes, when they sit down to evaluate certain situations, which could in all circumstances, be resolved, in dialogue, without the need for bloodshed, selfishness speaks louder, vanity, pride and above all, personal interests. What leads one to believe this sad reality: THE TRUTH OF SOME, IS IMPOSED, THE TRUTH OF ALL... And another "fight" begins!

But, who was it that said that humanity is content with Theories?!

Who was it that said that people limit themselves to living their own lives, without interfering in the lives of others?!

And a big, huge first explosion, for example, sounds like the "end and beginning of everything..."

Exaggerated susceptibility, confusion, chaos, selfishness...

- (1) WAR: feminine noun - a. armed struggle between nations, or between parties of the same nationality or ethnicities, with the aim of imposing supremacy or safeguarding material or ideological interests; b. Any combat with or without weapons; fighting, conflict;

- (2) Promiscuous: in which heterogeneous elements are confused; mixed, shuffled, confused; "a p. mix of styles". In which there is supposed moral degradation.

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