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(...) The human species is quite complex, not to say very complicated!

These are great virtues that each and every human being must cultivate and worship!

To detach oneself from material and transitory goods, from futile things. And knowing how fast life is, to try as much as possible to always use this ability that anyone can have...

They complement each other. That is, as much as a man or a woman is detached as much as they can, they must be erased, because after all, nothing is taken from this life, right?!

Honesty and dignity, generally associated with detachment , since the one who is detached, must also have it with himself, honor, to carry on and for an indefinite period of time, without ever contradicting himself!

The whole problem lies in the fact that any being, who preaches what he wants, says what he says, etc., all the time , will always be tested, including to know if there are really in fact, deeply "implanted", these virtues mentioned!

And what about the human species?!

The human species is quite complex, not to say very complicated!

One day the human being wakes up happy, detached, honoring even though he is not honored, and for days, those days, whose light seems to hide in the shadows, when pain and ambition begin to tempt this "species" and from time to time the greatest ideals, he finds himself stumbling over his own words, falling into the same mistakes and contradicting everything he defended so much for long, long years!

After all, as a consolation and alternative to failures, there is always the "salutary", providential and harmless excuse: "NO ONE IS PERFECT!"

Which is in no way an excuse for some admonitions to come there in the future, to "help" certain people, to really fix themselves on virtue and honesty...

In fact, I was contemplating and looking at excerpts from books about hope, detachment and faith and when I raised my head I got a great fright (?!)

Out of nowhere appeared in front of me, traveling in the opposite direction, close to making an elliptical curve or continuing in a straight line perhaps, nothing more and nothing less than: A BMW OF THE LATEST TYPE, IN LILAC COLOR, WITH LATERAL AND VERTICIAL TRIMS, ETC.

Faced with this truth, I thought it would be good to postpone a little longer my principles of desires and detachment, since, it seems, my thoughts and still my many dreams, systematically and overly betray my cherished ideals!

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